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Valentine’s Day | A Lesson in Teamwork!

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Here is a touching story of those little things we do that are filled with simple acts of love…

Valentine’s Day – A lesson in teamwork!

~ Author Mark Kelly, TWG Insurance Business Development Manager

Many years ago, on Valentine’s Day, when my kids were just toddlers, my wife taught me a valuable lesson in teamwork.

We had made big plans for Valentine’s Day. We had a babysitter lined up, dinner reservations, the whole nine yards!

Of course, my workday was extremely busy, and I had failed to communicate with my wife the entire day. I came flying into the house with a bottle of wine and chocolate in one hand and the required Hallmark card in the other. I was expecting the sitter to already be there and my wife to be ready to go to dinner after a quick drink.

What I saw instead was my wife standing at the stove in her pajamas making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, one child on her hip drooling and fussing, breakfast dishes still in the sink, and toddler #2 in his highchair pounding the tray saying “more please” at the top of his lungs. It had been a bad day.

Not one to give up easily, I simply asked, “Are you ready to go?” I had heard that miracles happen and thought that maybe it was my turn to experience this phenomenon. My wife turned around and saw me clutching the card and chocolate and simply said with a smile, “If you want to be my valentine, you can unload that dishwasher, clean out the sink, and do a load of laundry”. So, I did.

It was a hard lesson to swallow at the time and it was not the celebration that I had pictured, but I have never forgotten it. Here is what I learned:

1. Teamwork revolves around effective communication.

2. Things can change without the entire team being aware.

3. Your teammates are counting on you to come through for them.

4. A teething toddler trumps well laid plans every time.

Have a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day and stay loose, your plans may change without you ever knowing it!